Wednesday, August 20

JUst Me

I just felt want to sleep as long as I can
I just want to be with someone that I miss right now
I just need some space to make me think wisely
I just miss my lovely pussy..(Baby..but it’s gone)
I just ate meal that not too spicy
I just hate he!!cos he stole my heart and broke it again.
I just alone now.
I just confuse to choose someone to fix my damage heart.
I just wish that I can be strong woman.
I just make my dad always dizzy of my childish
I just natural intimate not like a bitch!!
I just still on the rebound
I just like to talk about future. Not too much may be.
I just excited to finish my studies and working onward after that.
I just want reciprocate all my parents deeds.
I just have two brothers that not too close with me
I just day dreaming about my wedding ceremony
I just blank right now..stuck of assigment


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