Thursday, December 18


seperti biasa..malam waktuku..
bersahaja di kerusi panjang sambil merehatkan minda menonton tv..


"projek leh group 5org je"
kiriman sms seorang teman

ahh...sudah..aku bingung kejap..tataw nk mula mana..
aiseyh..da elok2 plan..kne bubar ke..mula kusut..
xsenang duduk da..
tahla..da mula mana dulu tah

lagi plak..result nak kua..adoi...


I Cry
Sometimes When I'm Alone
I Cry,
Cause I Am On My Own.
The Tears I Cry Are Bitter And Warm.
They Flow With Life But Take No Form
I Cry Because My Heart Is Torn.
I Find It Difficult To Carry On.

If I Had An Ear To Confiding,
I Would Cry Among My Treasured Friend,
But Who Do You Know That Stops That Long,
To Help Another Carry On.

The World Moves Fast And It Would Rather Pass By.
Then To Stop And See What Makes One Cry,
So Painful And Sad.
And Sometime

G.D.O *E.P#3#

Hello Perhentian