Saturday, May 16

happy teacher's day

i'm back.. tired!!
(will story later kay)

2009-(tema) Guru Pembina Negara Bangsa

wat sume my ex2 guru..

1994-tdka shbat 16,sabah
1995-sek keb shbat 16,sabah
1996-sek keb shbat 16,sabah
1997-sek keb sahabat 16,sabah
- sek keb P.P.P tun Razak,pahang
1998-sek keb P.P.P tun razak,pahang
- sek keb trolak utara,perak
1999-sek keb trolak utara,perak
2000-sek keb trolak utara

2001-maahad al-abbasiah,perak
- sek men slim river,perak
2002-sek men slim river,perak
2003-sek men slim river,perak
2004-sek men teknik sg buloh,selangor
2005-sek men teknik sg buloh,selangor

xlpe wat2 lecturer @ Unisel

thank you so much!!!

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