Thursday, May 21

Mengena & Terkena

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Bad Habit

What Are You Wish to Be?

Important Thing

Mangsa-mangsa yang terkena
♥Ku tak sempurna♥
♥Kak Arryani♥

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Once you've been tagged,
you have to write a post with sixteen random things,
habits or goals about you.
At last, choose five people to be tagged,
listing their names and why you chose them.

1.I love to have a lots of friends..(sgt2 xske org ckp aku sombong kay!)

2.Already taken??owh..not really

3.Heart music so much!!

4.Day dreaming girl..(best ape dpata berangan yg indah2!!bukan begitu??)

5.Dearest daughter's of En ZUL

6.I love to cooks(chewah!sejak ble tah)mencintai acara membuat kek,biskut dan seangkatan dengannya..wink!!sila ambil perhatian ya..;p

7.Fans number ONE of Chelsea

8.I hate waiting.again..i hate waiting!!

9.I can't sleep well without my lovely 'doraemon'.hehe

10.Masih menunggu kowt2 ada keturunan di raja yang baik hati serta indah paras rupanya untuk datang ke rumah dan meminang.(hasih!!berangan lagi)

11.When i wear pink.i fell confident.(gedik kah??)biarlah..cara aku..;p

12.Loves beautiful and want to be beautiful..(damn!!)

13.Can i have 'Nur Aisha Humaira'..sgt2 comey seh

14.Wanna be a sucsess women in career, life and relationship

15.Sengal..(itukah aku??)

16.last but not least..i love to be me!!
The only one is me..(tersipu-sipu tunduk)

5 people i want to tagged
1.♥Pacik TMFH♥

2.♥Kak Yanie♥

3.♥Kak Ujie♥

4.♥Sri Sufi♥

5.♥Enche Arif♥

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