Monday, June 1

Just hold me

Comfortable as I am,
I need your reassurance.Comfortable as you are.You count the days.But if I wanted silence I would whisper.If I wanted loneliness I'd choose to go.If I liked rejection.I'd audition.And if I didn't love you,you would know.And why can't you just hold me??how come it's so hard?Do you like to see me broken?Why do I still care?

You say you see the light now at the end of this narrow hall.I wish it didn't matter.I wish I didn't give you all.Poor little misunderstood baby.No one likes a sad face.But I can't remember life without him.I think I did have good days.I'm sure I did have good days.So why




p/s:credit 2 maria mena
i wish i can 'hold' my sunshine

thank you.


Kalau aku putus harap aku tak kan terus bertahan meniti takdir dalam doa setiap masa membatas diri dengan setiap kesabaran menguat...