Monday, July 4

the proposal to propose

Oh My Mr My..
did I look so beautiful by write the proposal with wonderful dream.
the dream i dare to propose you in front my father.
21 december 2012.. the day i plan to expose the world agains beyond the words.

i don't know to play guitar. therefore, stop expecting to hear my lovely voice with note of that music.
Just straight to the point without the romantic sound,lets go married!

My Dear..

We dream of simple but EXCLUSIVE ceremony..Just akad nikah and reception with theme of garden.

no need costly by 5 stars or 10 stars hotel. enough just do at home. and you know what's my daddy priority of his the only daughter.

My love

Continuity of our dream..Sweet & Sour Honeymoon
Pulau Perhentian Island

Instead of Bora-Bora Island..(Haha..If God willing for our 2nd honeymoon later)

The day i be parts of you..

The day we will be together forever

and the day **DETIK INDAH*
will create the memory of us..

Once again..Should i do like this to be YOUR CINDERELLA??

Just say..I DO!


Kalau aku putus harap aku tak kan terus bertahan meniti takdir dalam doa setiap masa membatas diri dengan setiap kesabaran menguat...