Saturday, November 30

Friday, August 9


I understand 
your need to switch the roles around 
and despise me, for the fact that we didn't last 
And I will be your punching bag 
if you'll stay in my past 
I understand 
to want to have a mature dailogue 
is to much to ask 
And I will be your one regret
if you'll stay in my past

Sunday, March 24


*muka gembira nk balik melisia*

*her with hasil tangkapan = duit lebur*

*muka ta puas shopin*

*oh..bila la kapal terbang ni na terbang*

*memasing wat muka bajet ......* hakk pui!

*kuda ku lari gagah berani*

  • seriously wanna re-re-re-re-re peat peat it again.again and again
  • i heart u darl!
  • entry tertunggak.:p

G.D.O *E.P#3#

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